Update Regarding Angelucci Assassination

Marc Angelucci

It’s been 11 days since 52-year-old Marc Angelucci was assassinated at his home in San Bernardino County and a great deal of questions still remain. Yet not many are willing to answer them. Like why not one media outlet ever reported the suspect or vehicle description of the shooter in the Marc Angelucci murder. Only Above All Laws did. So why are so many so quick to look to the corporate media for answers when they are obviously selectively choosing what information to feed to their readers.

I’ve dealt with it before when I exposed the FBI and DOJ for attempting to cover-up the terror attack at UC Merced in the fall of 2015. At the time my LEO sources confirmed after they had shot the attacker they discovered a photocopied ISIS flag folded up in his pants pocket. Read that story here and how the FBI refused to release the evidence I had reported while trying to spin a false narrative. Until nearly 6 months later when they finally announced the truth that I’d reported on. Read their investigation here.

The reason I bring this up is to show you the reader that it is most important when we have the facts, we do not let law enforcement agencies steer us in the direction they want us to go. And the way they do this is through corporate media. It’s a “you rub my back and I’ll rub yours” and it has corrupted news agencies across America. That’s why independent public journalists like myself and many others must continue to ask the difficult questions and to report the truth.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Cindy Bachman, Public Information officer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department talks about the hunt for accused killer and fired Los Angeles police officer, Christopher Dorner in Yacaipa, Calif.,Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013. – Photo Credit Chris Carlson

Today at approximately 9:09 AM I spoke with Cindy Bachman of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. I asked her about the media reports regarding evidence linking Roy Den Hollander to their investigation into Marc Angelucci’s assassination. She stated that she had only seen that on twitter through a news report, but they had not received any information regarding evidence linking Marc Angelucci’s assassination to Roy Den Hollander at the time of our call.

I also asked why the media wrote reports stating that the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department had turned over their investigation to the FBI in Newark, NJ. Cindy stated that the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department continues to aggressively work the investigation in partnership with the FBI and has not turned over the investigation. They have, she clarified, and will continue to share any and all information pertaining to their investigation with the FBI if asked.

But when pressed again if the FBI had in turn been sharing evidence that links the Newark, NJ case to Marc’s murder Cindy stated that the Sheriff’s Department would like to see the evidence, but that the FBI has yet to share it with them.

I then asked about the eyewitnesses sketch that was released to Above All Laws by their representatives and Cindy stated that Sheriff’s investigators had made an appointment to meet with the eyewitness to create a sketch. She also confirmed that the eyewitness did not show up for the pre-arranged sketch artist. Cindy inquired as to where she could see the sketch and I directed her to our website. She then asked that the eyewitness please contact them and to make arrangements to speak with investigators further about the sketch.

Newark NJ FBI Spokesperson Doreen Holder

At approximately 10:55 AM another call was placed to the Newark NJ Office of the FBI where my call was directed to Doreen Holder. I left a detailed message again requesting a statement as to why she sent an email to CNN confirming a link between the Marc Angelucci assassination and Judge Salas’s son’s murderer. And why she hadn’t uploaded a press release to the FBI’s Newark NJ Press site where information is disseminated to all of the press at once.

At 11:05 AM I received a call back from Doreen Holder who stated that she only has 70 media outlets on her distribution list and that’s who gets the information. She went on to state that she does not know who I am or my media credentials. When asked why not just post it with the other press releases to their website she stated that it was sent to the media outlets she has on her designated list.

I then asked her about the evidence that the FBI has claimed but not released. She stood firm that the FBI does not release information about on-going investigations and that’s when I asked why then she would send an email to CNN releasing information about an ongoing investigation? She became a bit tempered and stated matter-of-factly, “I don’t know who you are. Send me an email with your credentials”

I agreed to do just that and asked for her email address before asking her why the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department, who are still in charge of the Marc Angelucci investigation were never informed about the evidence linking the two cases? Doreen stated that the FBI is working closely with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

NCFM President Harry Crouch

#HeToo: Harry Crouch the president of The National Coalition for Men CREDIT: COLEMAN-RAYNER 

I called NCFM at 10:47 AM where Marc Angelucci had worked on behalf of men’s rights and left another message. At approximately 11:37 AM Harry Crouch, the president of NCFM, returned my call. I asked Harry about any memorial or funeral plans and he stated that the family had requested no funeral, no flowers and no notoriety for the passing of their family member. He further stated that the family has asked that any donations be sent through the NCFM website here.

Mr. Crouch stated the he and Marc were close friends and they’d known each other for 20 years. I asked what Harry thought about the media peddling the story that there is evidence linking Marc’s murder to Roy Den Hollander and Harry said it’s true. He stated that he’s seen the evidence and knows that Roy Den Hollander was in California at the time of the shooting. When I pressed him about that information he seemed to suggest that it was told to him by FBI agents who had interviewed him earlier. Though when asked to clarify he suggested that he’d seen it in a press release from the FBI. I explained that I have searched for the information high and low and if he could send it to me via email that would help a great deal.

I also told Harry that the media was making his statement look like he has accepted the FBI’s links to the two cases which makes people lose interest because they believe the case is solved. Meanwhile witnesses and other possible targets may still be vulnerable to attack. Harry reaffirmed his statement and that it in no way implies that Marc’s murder is linked to Judge Sosa’s son’s murder. He, like the rest of us, want the evidence to help us either move on, knowing justice will not be served since the thug took his own life, or to continue with caution knowing their is a very bold and brazen assassin out there.

The Eyewitness

I communicate through a representative of the eyewitness to minimize their continued stress and anxiety over what must be an absolute nightmare. The eyewitness was watching TV with the representative and other family members when a photo of Roy Del Hollander came across the television screen claiming he was linked to the murder the eyewitness saw.

“That’s not the guy.” The eyewitness was heard saying.

The eyewitness has described a 40 to 50 year old caucasian male with salt and pepper hair who drove away in a white SUV with a sunroof. No other media outlet has ever released that information. Why?

I’ve attempted to ask CNN and other corporate media why, but they don’t respond very well when it’s they that are making the news with law enforcement and selling it to you as facts.

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