Sketch Confirmed To Be That Of Suspect Seen By Witnesses In Marc Angelucci Murder

Drawing created by an eyewitness to Marc Angelucci Assassination.

UPDATE @ 1:34 PM 07/22: CNN Released a story stating that an FBI spokesperson emailed them claiming the FBI had evidence linking the murders in Clearview, CA., and New Jersey. A call was placed to Doreen Holder at the FBI’s Newark, NJ Office and a voicemail was left requesting clarification as to what the evidence might be, why the eyewitness disputes the FBI’s claim, and why would an FBI media spokesperson send out an email with information regarding a open investigation instead of sending a formal press release to the media?

San Bernardino County, CA – A sketch confirmed to be that of the suspect in the Angelucci murder has been received by AAL and posted below. The sketch is said to have been started by an eyewitness and was finished by a professional sketch artist. It is important to note that this sketch has not been shown to law enforcement yet, but has been confirmed by AAL as legitimate.

Drawing created by an eyewitness

According to our sources, “One of the eyewitnesses started the sketch with their own freehand and a pencil. The sketch artist then added the white ball cap and sunglasses. The eyewitness also stated “the sketch is the guy, a younger guy than Roy (Den Hollander) by 20 years.”

Roy Den Hollander from Facebook

The witness further stated the assassin reminded him of the attached cartoon below… and he wasn’t joking.

This is not a joke. This was how an eyewitness described the suspects looks

Calls and emails have been sent to the FBI without response and the San Bernardino investigators are not very forthcoming with information that could help locate leads. Instead they seem to be selectively leaking information to their corporate media partners trying to tie the Federal Judge’s son’s murderer to Marc Angelucci’s assassin. Why?

Even the NCFM staff seem more apt to accept that narrative rather than asking some very key questions and demanding law enforcement answer them. Like why have they not released any information regarding the suspect in Marc Angelucci’s murder or their vehicle description to the public? How did Roy know that Marc had recently left his LA home where he lived to his getaway home in the hills? Have they checked his cell phone records and tower pings? Has a ballistics test been performed on the weapon? Why haven’t the investigators released the type of vehicle Roy Den Hollander was driving?

The Federal judge attack and the Angelucci attack can easily be linked or not. If Roy had traveled to California to murder Marc Angelucci first, then there should and will be a trail leading to his travels. If he flew there will be a record of that. If he rented a vehicle there will be a record of that. If he bought food… etc. So it’s quite easy for the investigators in today’s world of technology to quickly review banking records and transactions and to figure out if they are one in the same. Yet here we are four days later and only selective leaks from law enforcement.

One area that authorities seem not to want to look into is the information that has been presented by sources inside the Jerry Cox receivership case out of Mariposa County, California. To do so would open up an enormous can of political corruption that reaches all the way to the Washington D.C. So its no wonder investigators are being easily shutdown and led in the wrong direction by the political powers that be.

One person that does standout is a man identified only as “Luo” and the head of security for Mark Adams and California Receivership Group as alleged by sources close to the case. Law enforcement has not confirmed him as a suspect but several sources believe he may be linked to Marc Angelucci’s assassination.

“Luo” described as the Head of Security for CRG

The connections between the two murders are indeed interesting if not downright odd. But, without law enforcement being more transparent instead of selectively leaking information to the press, we may never know. As citizens we must demand the facts and a transparent investigation otherwise Marc Angelucci’s assassination will be left to fade from public scrutiny like the many cases the FBI and the Department of Justice have done before. With the help of their corporate media partners, of course.

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