Professional News Outlets Attempt To Sensationalize Angelucci Assassination By Insinuating They Are Linked

The deaths of two men’s rights attorneys has left the country with many questions. The public is seeking information to understand the who and the why in these two senseless murders and the wounding of another.

Marc Angelucci

I, like many of you, scan the internet for more information. Hopeful of a quick arrest or something new that is solid and reliable. But unfortunately I’m seeing a lot of false narratives being driven by respected news outlets. I had hoped after all of the public scrutiny news outlets would have learned that real life is not based on the number of readers, clicks or shares. Real life is based on facts, and not the alternative ones.

I even read one news outlet that wrote the story of Marc’s horrific death as though they were writing a novel. All of this downplays the seriousness of this case and only adds to the ongoing confusion. So I ask all of you to please stop. Go by the facts. If you have a theory or your statement is speculation, then say it is and not leave it for the reader to figure out the facts on their own.

Yesterday afternoon I had received many phone calls and emails requesting information in regards to Marc Angelucci’s murder. They wanted to know how I knew as much as I did about the events that unfolded at Marc Angelucci’s home and if I had any information linking the two shootings. So I did what they should have done and contacted my sources. They were able to get photos to various witnesses and received an absolute negative ID on the shooter being the man who murdered Marc Angelucci. Yet you’d never known that by reading these lines from various news outlets around the country.

Sensationalized Journalism

Screenshot taken 07/21/2020 reveals the “Top Stories” are filled with misleading information causing more confusion when clarity is most needed.

What is the truth?

The truth is the shooter in the Marc Angelucci assassination is not the same shooter in the Federal Judge’s son’s murder. Could it be connected? At this point we really don’t know and only law enforcement can clear up all of the misleading and down right false reporting by holding a press briefing with a description of the suspect, the vehicle the suspect used and any video footage that could help deputies track the suspect’s travel. Maybe someone saw that vehicle go off roading deep into the mountains. Maybe someone saw people dismantling a vehicle like that at a chop shop. Without law enforcement involving the community the case has a far less chance of being solved.

Clean up your act, news outlets. News directors and station managers want to exploit real life for ratings and financial gain and in doing so you are ruining the people’s trust in news reporting. More and more independent people like me are reporting the facts although we don’t make a dime. We don’t chase ratings and we are not beholden to advertisers. Maybe it is time to shutdown corporate media and get back to people like me who voluntarily report the facts to keep the people informed.

And that my friends is indeed the truth.

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