Second Assassination in America As Law Enforcement Still Refuses To Inform The Public

Marc Angelucci looking toward a bright future was assassinated July 11, 2020.
THE RED PILL, Marc Angelucci, advocate for men and boys, 2016. © Jaye Bird Films /courtesy Everett Collection

On Saturday July 11th at approximately 4:00 PM shots rang out mortally wounding 52-year-old attorney Marc Angelucci at his Crestview, CA., home. Marc was just in federal court the day before on the verge of winning a huge case against the most corrupt county in California, Mariposa County. The same county that murdered one of their own deputies in the early 1980s and covered it up until his bones were discovered nearly ten ears later.

It took a couple of days of begging by my colleagues and I, but eventually a dear friend of Marc’s and prominent author was able to convince his corporate media contacts to cover Marc’s Assassination. Marc received a simple, yet somewhat attacking, write-up by NBC news and that was it. Local stations, podcasts and blogs had similar coverage but it was sparse at best.

On Sunday July 19th, just eight days later, another assassination with the same “delivery driver” M.O. as Marc’s assassin. This time the assassin takes the life of a young man with great promise and wounding his father in the deadly shooting. Corporate media immediately covers it on the same day with coverage extended into this morning and police are preparing to give a press conference.

Having covered California corruption since 2007 I started seeing the pattern again. When law enforcement doesn’t want to solve a crime they tend not to seek the public’s help. You can clearly see the difference in the two investigations and their level of public involvement.

These two assassinations go to the larger picture of where America is at. Our judicial system has been corrupt for decades with the number one goal not being justice, but the almighty corporate dollar. Marc was getting in the way of that dollar and the federal judge, if she was indeed the target, was also getting in the way of the corporate dollar and this may have indeed led to the assassinations.


In the murder of Marc law enforcement has been very quiet and wont release any information. So we are left to ponder why they wouldn’t inform the public with more information. After all the suspect just walked up to a house and murdered a man in cold blood. Yet the public is not worthy of knowing a suspect and vehicle description?

These types of actions have been explained to me by a retired Culver City homicide detective who said that investigators will withhold certain details that only the killer would know, which we all learned from the crime shows on TV. He also explained that they wouldn’t release the vehicle description because the suspect may take it out and have it destroyed or burn it. But could he have instead taken it and driven to North Brunswick, NJ? After all the public was not made aware of any vehicle description except through our website, which could have emboldened the assassin to continue on to his next target. If very few knew what he looked like or what he was driving then he may have thought it was all clear to move on.

This is of course is mere speculation, but a theory that one hopes law enforcement is considering. After all it takes 40 hours to drive to North Brunswick, NJ., from Marc Angelucci’s home. And the freeway out of California is just a few miles from Marc’s home as well. Driving 8 hours a day for five days will get you there with plenty of time to gather intelligence on your target. Again, this is only a theory, but one that law enforcement should be looking into. Hopefully the NJ detectives will be more forthcoming with information including a description of the suspect and their vehicle.

But I do not have faith that law enforcement will be allowed by the political powers that be to get to the bottom of these cases. Political assassination in America has become the new normal. And it became that way after Jamal Khashoggi was allowed to be murdered and dismembered by the Saudi Government as America turned a blind eye. When power was threatened by Epstein’s arrest, Epstein was murdered a cover-up pushed the suicide narrative and American’s just shrugged their shoulders and moved on. Our citizenry wasn’t outraged by these murders which taught our government that we really don’t care if you openly murder us as long as you leave me and the ones I love alone.

Rest assured there are a few of us who will not let these unanswered murders go away because one day we know it will be us… and eventually it will be you. I am willing to make that sacrifice, but you have to be willing to demand, and if necessary, force justice for all NOW! Will you?

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