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Many of our readers may remember the Jerry Cox story regarding an illegal land grab perpetrated by the Mariposa County sheriff’s department and their corrupt DA Thomas Cooke. Well this next true story revolves around a woman who was allegedly assaulted, home broken into while she’s sleeping only to have the suspect take a photo of himself with the victim sleeping and sent to her boyfriend (see photo), a shovel thrown through her car windshield and more.

Photo of the alleged vandalism at the hands of Luke Willey

But she is only one of many alleged victims at the hands of Mariposa resident Luke Willey. According to Frank Cole, the father of the late Ronny Ray Cole, Luke threatened to kill Ronnie and with multiple witnesses and evidence against Luke, the Maripsoa County Sheriff’s department along with the Mariposa County DA have refused to follow-up on the allegations.

Ronnie Ray Cole, a 19-year-old Mariposa resident was a kind hearted and gentle young man who enjoyed his time with his family and his girlfriend. Racing was his passion and Ronnie was on his way to a great racing career until he started hanging out with Luke Willey and his wife Brandy.

According to his father Frank, Ronnie had upset Brandy because Ronnie went back to his girlfriend. Whether Brandy and Ronnie were in a

Photo of Ronnie Cole

relationship or just a friendship is unclear. But what is clear is that both Brandy and Luke Willey allegedly threatened Ronnie with bodily harm and even death.

One such incident occurred at Frank’s home where Luke Willey allegedly went after both Ronnie and his own wife Brandy stating that he was going to kill them both. Ronnie managed to get away, but according to Frank, Luke choked Brandy out on Frank’s property leaving her with bruises on her neck. Frank further stated that several neighbors witnessed the violence.

The violence finally came to a head on June 23, 2017 when Ronnie was involved in a crash just before his disappearance and two Sheriff’s deputies admitted to seeing Ronnie on the side of the road, but failed to offer assistance. According to Frank his son Ronnie was picked up by Brandy at the crash scene who then turned him over to Luke Willey. Ronnie’s body was later found in the Merced River on July 1, 2017. Although no other in formation has been released including his autopsy report, Family and friends stand by their conclusion that Luke Willey and his wife Brandy allegedly murdered Ronnie.

Photo of Ronnie Cole

Photo of Ronnie Cole

“Brandy Willey is on probation for Conspiracy to Commit Murder against her husband Luke Willey,” wrote Frank Cole in Facebook post, “and they (Sheriff’s) took her statement and believed her while they not only killed my son but robbed him of $800 dollars and were on video at Burger King spending it while my son is dead in the River. She even stated to a person Ronnie is dead and (w)hen (asked) she said I mean missing.”

Frank went on to state, “this person said, “why would you bring Ronnie to where Luke was?” And she (Brandy) said, “Oh their cool.” And that is a lie. Not only did Luke Willey tell many people he was gonna beat the shit out of my son she also wanted to do the same when she learned Ronnie was done with both of the(m), and there dangerous life style.”

I reached out to Frank via Facebook messenger and called his company’s phone number and left a message. I have not received his response as of yet.

Luke Willey also posted a video of himself violently beating a man in Mariposa on January 14, 2017. The beating was allegedly for beating a woman though Luke himself seems to like to beat women as shown in these photos sent anonymously to Above All Laws. These same photos were turned over to the Maripsoa County Sheriffs department including information that Luke stole a mini van and vandalized the woman’s property. But most disturbing is when Luke is alleged to have broken into this same woman’s house while she was sleeping and took a photo of himself with the woman in order to taunt the woman’s boyfriend. And yet Mariposa County Sheriff’s refuse to protect her and other Mariposa residents from this criminal.

Luke Willey is no stranger to the Mariposa County Sheriff’s and the DA Thomas Cooke who seem to let this guy walk away from several crimes. And when he is held to answer and doesn’t appear in court, they don’t follow normal legal procedures and revoke his bail, they just reset his court date and ask him to appear later.

According to the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Departments arrest records, Luke George Willey was arrested on November 11, 2017 for assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious injury, vandalism, willful cruelty to a child and other charges (see photo of arrest record). Looking even further into his past criminal history, Luke was arrested prior to that on August 11, 2013 for disorderly conduct while under the influence of meth.

Screen shot of Luke Willey’s November 2017 arrest.

His first arrest was an assault with a deadly weapon charge for which Willey was convicted on July 29, 1999. He was 18 at the time. And on Aug. 4, 2005, Luke was convicted of another felony for cutting or damaging a cable or television line to prevent someone from getting assistance.

Here’s a link to the video from his youtube page:

The current case from Luke’s November arrest has been delayed several times as the DA seems more apt to drop charges rather than to prosecute this known violent criminal. Why?

Many Mariposa residents know Luke Willey as the co-owner of the Pizza Factory, which was lost to a fire in 2012. Since that time he has gone the way of meth and crime. And with the Mariposa County Sheriff’s and the DA Thomas Cooke turning a blind eye, Mariposa Residents can expect much of the same from this criminal thug.

Luke Willey’s latest victim, whose name we are withholding, reported to the Mariposa County Sheriff’s earlier yesterday that Luke stole items of hers. She also

Photo of Luke Willey’s latest victim’s injuries.

stated that she has several text messages from Luke threatening her with violence and was actually assaulted by him as seen in these photos.

According to the victim, Luke broke out her window one night and punched her in the chest and choked her out. Luke also stated to her that “I’m going to jump in the river (and) what do I want my kids to know before I’m gone.”

“I am in fear for my life everyday,” the victim stated.

I messaged Luke earlier today and asked him about the current allegations and he wrote, “Your way out of pocket you don’t know me you can be a keyboard tough guy all you want youhave no idea what your saying I never hit _________ so miss me withthat bullshit im around always.”

When asked about the latest violence this past few days, Luke wrote, “Your stupid hahaha Let me show yousomethibf real quick.” He then sent a photo of himself and the victim in what appeared to be a loving embrace.

When asked about his latest victim’s injuries he replied, ” Hahaha spray blood looks good she knows that my blood because that’s the night she ran me over with her van.” He went on to blame someone else for the damage to the victim’s vehicle by writing, ” And the windshield believe you’d like to talk Terri cabbie about that.”

And when asked about Ronnie Cole’s death and the allegation that he murdered him he wrote, “And Ronnie! !! Well maybe you should learn how tospell his name before yougo getting your self in a wreck.”

I then asked him if he called the police to file a report that he’d been ran over he stated, ” No I don’t call cops and ghatshit broke weeks before. Who the fuck. Are you”

Victim stated this photo was taken after Luke is alleged to have broken into her home and taken while she slept to anger her boyfriend.

When I confronted him again that he is alleged to have murdered Ronnie, Luke wrote, “No thaws not true I was his friend he drowned in the river and I wasn’t even there during the tine.”

The Mariposa County Sheriff’s department is well known for covering up murder including the murder of one of their own, Mariposa County Sheriff’s deputy Ron Van Meter. During the cocaine days of the early 1980’s, Deputy Van Meter, who was charged with local drug intervention, came across information that the cocaine, meth, and marijuana was being flown in and out of the Mariposa airport. When Deputy Van Meter verified that in fact several well-known Maripsoa County Sheriff’s deputies including the Sheriff himself were involved, Deputy Van Meter took photos and other documented evidence to the California Attorney General. After Van Meter left the AG’s office, the AG called Van Meter’s Sheriff and told him all that Van Meter had done. Later that night after Van Meter returned home, his wife stated that the Sheriff called him and was outraged at Van Meter’s betrayal. Van Meter told his wife he was going down to Lake McClure to arrest the deputies involved, but he never returned. Ten years later after a substantial drought hit the area lowering the water level of the lake, Deputy Ron Van Meter’s bones were found at the bottom of Lake McClure directly below where Mariposa County Sheriff’s deputy Rod Sinclair kept his houseboat.

With a corrupt District Attorney, who is close friends with ousted Merced County DA Larry Morse, and a sheriff’s department that literally killed one of their own, Maripsoa County residents are in grave danger. The state will not get involved because those that are in charge in Mariposa have too much dirt on state officials. One can only hope that the statewide corruption by both republican and democrat law makers will come to the surface. Until then, my Mariposa friends, I can only hope you will arm yourselves and take any necessary actions to protect yourselves not only from violent criminals like Luke Willey and his wife, but also from the corrupt Mariposa County Sheriffs Department.


  1. Bottom line here drugs are bad. All the listed names other than the deceased son and his father are known meth addicts. How he continues to get away with crime after crime (not to mention the pizza factory burning down) baffles me. He should have no choice but to do a lie detector test. He should be held accountable for his actions and let the victims start to heal.

  2. Tammi Tofanelli | July 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm | Reply

    Please contact me regarding this story. Ronnie is my cousin.

  3. I went into my face book and this article hit me in the face.My son and Frank, have sat and talked to so many “people of who we thought of as had some sort of clout”, and if you were one of those I bless you and God for sending you.after awhile we wondered if there is any one of large enough stature to help bring this monster and those that are in his gang down, I have a belonging of our Ronnie’s, and I say ours because even though he had his wrong turn as many youngsters do, he had the biggest heart of anyone that age you will ever run across, I cannot not even look at this belonging to this day. I stay isolated and alone except for very few. This has impacted this whole family, some family come together we were torn apart. I have some facebook post of myself and Luke going back and forth about a lie detector test, I pretended to be a friend at first and then he found out I was on ‘the other side’. I have long letters from other people that had a lot of input. I kept reading in the Gazette this creep going to court, getting arrested and being let out. I have a grandson, Ashlee’s and Ronnie’s brother who is in fire camp right now and has been locked up through all this for the smallest of crime compared to the unthinkable that Luke has done. I am an old lady and I think I am kept around a little longer to see this creep and his cronies really pay for what has done and and so I can stop crying so much over missing this beautiful child and espicially to give his father and sister and brother some closure. Because, you see, he was found but WE KNOW LUKE WILLEY AND HIS BAND OF THUGS KILLED HIM, WE HAVE NO DOUBT AND NEVER HAVE. Another thing that I want to make clear and I can say this with this because I saw them. Luke keeps saying that he was no where around, and now without going into detail how I got there so fast, I was in the car already, got a phone call, and I live in Midpines and was almost home, I rushed to the river and a white truck, YES a white truck was parked next to the large boulder next to the hill going down to cable rock, and Luke, Debi and Brandy was leaning against the truck and it was the first time I ever met them, and they told me what happened. No-one but them were there that I saw. I pray now that they do something with that smart mouthed THUG.

  4. Don’t forget all the money Ron Willey has and the pull he has in the county. It’s a key factor in this problem. Every time this shit comes up here comes daddy with his loaded wallet to make sure little baby luke gets bailed out. Mariposa deputies and atorneys have always had a price tag. One that Ron and Luke are willing to pay. There is a lot that’s not mentioned here. The current case should be transferred out of county. It’s the only way we will see justice. Many people have left the area trying to get away from Luke, Brandy and their cycle of problems. Keep letting him get away with it and it’s only going to get worse.

  5. This is bullshit..

  6. Hey Brandy Your right this is bullshit but the facts show your the bull shit who made the suicide attempt call at your so called pool party don’t lie because I have your text and awnser remember you were on your way to a suicide attempt call to check on your kids and you forgot all about your kids and took Ronnie to his death bed and there was also a deputy who said he was on his way at the same time and seen My Son Standing there and you just picked him and his wrecked car parts and headed to the river and you also went in my home and threatend a young girl and through things off the counter and wrote boss bitch all over my windows and you were super pissed when you found for sure Ronnie was done with you and your sinister Dealings between Luke and my Son and God noes how many other people you even told Luke in the phone to stop threatning Ronnie he is just a Kid and you thought he loved you how sick Luke told me I had his blessing for my child to be with you and that’s the day you went and got him just days before that when I kicked you out of Ronnies home over and over you your kids your dog were the most nastiest people I’ve ever met and you would laugh when me and my son were arguing about you being there and he hid from you for 3 days until you got him that morning and you played Ronnie against Luke and you no dam well that your fake witnesses were your friends the whole time you get drunk and run your mouth and beet people who even begin to tell the truth well there were to many Brandy and trust me your just as guilty as Luke your problem is you guys have destroyed so many homes freeloading and Beeting and threatning people I’m done talking to you Brandy you will have a chance to talk all you want and don’t forget I seen Ronnie at ohreilies at 830 and I no your whole routine of that day your even on video and a eye witness right after that and that’s all I will say oh and if Yu look at the first page of the police report every single one of you Debbie and your out of town tourists witnesse are all different so good luck with your Bullshit Brandy You will be held accountable for bringing my Teenage son to his death bed and trust me I will prove it Infact I have already done just that all of everyone of your stories is so much bullshit you people would tire out anyone in your path with your sick bullshit oh and ps we also have the text off your phone that you tell Luke He’s gonna rot in prison for the rest of his life and you say isn’t carma a bitch snitch your Excact words and your partner in crime of preying on people and you see are no where near done even when getting away with literal Murder NOT you continue to threat and beet anyone Luke has problems with did you no that Luke even told people he was gonna beet my ass when I was looking for my son who you guys new was dead Brandy it’s a shame the people young Mothers who you got involved in this who have children it’s so sad you just don’t give a shit about no one they are facing very serious charges but atleast we no that Cadie was super pissed that Luke was just gone all day and we also no that you spent my sons money with Debbie and Luke 45 minutes after well Ronnie jumped in with his clothes on Now That’s Bullshit Mrs Pervert Brandy Willey you used my Son for a delivery boy Luke wanted his money every day and Ronnie got sick of you both taking his money and Luke bullying him and threatning him the last time I seen you was when I pulled in my home and was shocked to see you and your kids right back at my house remember and I said stay off my property and away from my child and you said well ahh Dah my sons in the house Luke gave him drugs and he’s mets up and I said get him out of my house and take him to the hospital now and I never seen you again and you barged in the next day and that’s breaking and entering and terrorists threat on a minor remember the young girl on the couch Brandy well she was so sacred she acted like she was asleep and heard every word your old nasty ass said you sure are good at threatning and hiring people to kill Infact you even tryed to have Ronnoe and My Son Tyler do a hit on Luke Brandy Go and say bullshit again and I will fire back with facts and would me more then happy to let this whole world who you people are trust me I am no dummy I did pass law and business so I triple check my info and I don’t make accusations I no the awnser before I ask and I dam sure have statements that are backed by 2 more so 2 plus 1 is three so like people say when you threaten and beet people your eyes are black and it seems to people your sound is a bottemless pit you hated Ronnie and Luke Despised him because he was raised to never lay a hand on a woman and when you picked Luke up from the bootjack market he made a big mistake in a rage and an old man heard him screem in a rage come get me you Fucken bitch or I’m gonna kill you and that little punk Ronnie and sure enough you were there in 5 minutes I your suburban and took Luke to my home again and he choked you out and my son was I the middle of you adults player nasty fuck feats and he wanted away and quick he came to me and apologized for bringing you people there and you were not having no for an awnser you look like a man or Shreck I told Ronnie and he said dad I wanna work the tree service please run them off and ole mr Luke came at me with a knife and he said woops didn’t o no it was you I beleive he seen I had a 9 waiting for 1 more step but he dodged another bad day you people are Home Wreckers Infact you people in my opinion and Infact it was mentioned the other day by a few ahh High ranked Vets that you people are American Terrrists and go ahead and say Bullshit because I beleive that’s what you think about everything you people have done for years but I no for a fact if I new a fraction about you people when you got around my child I would of put my hands on you my self and I’ve never touched a woman but you are a Very Violent person with a deception and I did tel Ronnie get her out of here she’s trouble but had no clue u till we talked to 100s of people over the last year even on every street you lived on you people have ran old folks off the road threatened robbed Jesus Christ I have had a headache dealing with you people for a year and a few months Thanks So Much Mr and Mrs Willy it’s been a pleasure

  7. Hey Brandy I Raised Ronnie and I couldn’t even buy him a brand new extra pair of shoes so he would cut his feet or step on a fish hook and he would never allow it Infact he would take a whipping before he would jump in with shoes on and don’t say he was high or drinking because trust I can prove he was very clear headed and Infact he just got his hair cut and Brandy thank GOD he still had 1 Van on his right foot and them are Shoes he would never in hell jump in with unless he was in a emergency to get away from you but he would have took his money but Mrs Willey and Mr Willey didn’t only buy Burger King and brought it back to the Pool Party you no the one Luke showed up at late that day with a swollen face and cut up hand from my sons teeth and I can prove that to oh and Lukes little Tough Companion Jesus Christ what on earth would he swim across that dam river river for and get lost and cut up for three days because a search helicopter was coming for Ronnie Hmmmim Sure everything I’ve said is Bullshit Correct Mrs Willey Hmm. Bullshit oh and I no I’m using you for a punching bag that’s what you said last time I asked a simple ? Brandy You Will Be Held Accountable for everything you have done to my Son and my Home and My Family Mark My Words or I will except a Bullshit Remember that smerk you would give me when I asked you to leave my property I Have and Idea when I will see it again and it won’t be on my property Thy Will Ne Done Not Mine Atleast Your Lucky I’m Trying To Help You Find God Lol

  8. No one has enough money to buy anyone’s way out of this problem This Is My Son With No Price Tag and Trust Me No One Can Save Him Thy Will Be Done Not Mine It’s The Only Savior For Jesus has Already Paid For Him Now He Needs To go get sprinkled and dipped

  9. I find it odd, confusing, and a bit scary! I’m not understanding why, for the love of God, why these two are not sitting in jail. what they are being accused of is not a light matter, so should be in a cell, until proven innocent, or guilty. I believe in Sheriff Binneweise(?) he seems to be upstanding, honest, and cares about our community and families, so maybe if some of the people involved, speak to him directly and calmly, it may give him reason to investigate further. I fully understand the grieving, the anger, the heartache, but bashing on facebook isn’t the way to bring them down! Believe me, I have my own reasons for despising Luke and Brandi. Brandi is straight evil. Luke and Brandi seem to prey on the young, too give them alcohol, drugs, and lies, to beat them up, to shut them up! What is wrong with you? I am looking forward to Brandi getting her karma, because there is always someone bigger and badder. I see Brandi thinks this is all “bullshit”, No Brandi you are bullshit! You are straight evil, a murderer! And Luke, preying on underage girls, pretending to be friends with Ronnie. You are a grown man, an angry violent man, jealous, and a bit wacked, but still grown, there is no reason to be hanging out with teenagers. You have got yourself into something so serious, and whether you are found guilty in a court of law, or not, you will always be guilty to the Cole family, and to half of this town! No one will ever forget what you and Brandi have done, you two.are always going to be haunted by Frank Cole, and rightly so! I hope he never gives up seeking justice for his baby!

  10. Ian Bevington | August 1, 2018 at 1:21 am | Reply

    Luke is and always will be a piece of shit. He tried to fight me while Brandy and her cousin tried to fight my ex wife at the local fair several years ago. He has admitted to lacing the pizzas he made for people he didn’t like with drugs, or other substances that could cause bodily harm. He has run after me into the street while kicking my car and threatening to kill me, a call was made toward the police but nothing was ever done about it. Luke is known for being a scum bag and he is only one of many within his group of “thugs” The problem is they threaten all of their victims with severe bodily injury, blackmail, extortion, or death so there are several others who won’t come out of the woodwork due to this.

  11. One thing I am baffled by, is the fact that these two are not sitting in a jail cell, waiting to be found guilty or innocent. I just don’t understand. If any other person in this town was accused of something like this, they would have been in jail already.

    I can not even fathem, what it’s like loosing a child, espcially to something this evil and sinister! What’s worse is, how do Luke & Brandi live with themselves, daily? If Brandi is on probation for conspiracy to kill Luke, isn’t that just another strike, proving she’s evil enough to have a hand in Ronnie’s death?

    Another question is why did/do these two grown adults, Luke & Brandi, hang out with minors, or just barley 18? Shouldn’t you have been with people your own age? Do they really feel that powerful over these young kids? What in the hell is wrong with you? It’s just disgusting that you have to manipulate the young. I’m guessing older adults, didn’t buy into your bullshit, so why not prey on the young and dumb, that want to be cool. What kind of people will your kids turn into? Duplicates of you two? If that’s the case, they have no hope, and that is sadly terrifying to think of. They didn’t ask for this! You don’t deserve your children, just like alot of people in this town. So many of these babies need to be taken away from you, so many of you “parents”, are so strung out, it is so sickening to see!
    All of this sadness, turmoil, lies, & decieving. There is a young boy, named Ronnie Cole, that is no longer alive, and unable to tell what really happened, and the two main people involved, Luke and Brandi, just don’t seem to want to give his family closure.
    Sick, twisted, low life bottom feeders. I’m hoping that one day, Ronnie and his family get the answers, and the justice they are owed.

  12. Let’s Not Forget Bramdy and Debbie Jean went in my home with force and threatened a little girl who was a serious threat to Brandy and she not only vandalized and threatened the girl when she acted like she was sleeping scared of this man type looking thing but also she was after Ronnoe after learning Ronnie was hiding and done with them Debbie jeans statement on the police report is different then Brandy and the fake witness Mandy and her step mom oh and Lukes statement he was at a pool party all day lol how funny well Cedie is Debbie’s sister and she stated she was so pissed off because Luke was busy running around with Brandy Dah lamo

  13. skyler riggins | May 28, 2019 at 1:39 pm | Reply

    this is all some bullshit fuck all you people i now who my dad was he would not do that and when Ronnie died i was with my dad the whole day so fuck all you people none of you no the whole story so git you fakes straight bitches

  14. Karen McClusky | May 20, 2020 at 11:39 am | Reply

    Skyler Riggins,
    I’m sure you think you know, but you don’t. Your parents murdered Ronnie. It’s a stated fact by Debi to everyone, when she gets drunk. She’s a talker, when drinking. And, if your dad gave you drugs, that’s not ok either, you are a child. If you start therapy now, you may have a chance to live a normal life.

  15. Omg thankyou Skyler you just identified your self in the saburban at the eye witneses house with your mom and dad and Debbie Jean Cogdon who seen your father driving while your mother went in unpatiently to get Ronnie out into your guys car and take him right across the street to kill him and throw him in the river Jesus Christ your foul mouth fits your devious mouth and shows you have no remorse and at now involved in MURDER good job we have been preying for this moment you just solved one major peice and I’m sure your parents will be very thankful for finally being honest OMG and all’s I was doing was punching my name in Cycle News To Read the racing history stories of myself yes myself you guys stold My Sons Life and the no Racing Name I made History with at Lodi Cycle Bowl and I gave that name Kid Cole to Ronnie and he went to win Car Races and motorcycle Races and you sick deranged sycopathic peices of God noes what Murdered My Baby and destroyed my dreams you stold my racing dreams tore my family apart you stold my ❤️ and now my soul is yours for free handle with Care sweet dreams see you there everyoneofu for I am evil Yours Truely I will be the gate worker awaiting in HELL Patiently with a smile These are the lerics by RZombie Also check out Flying through the trees strangeling the breeze it seems to fit this these facts in many many peoples words and opinions tell us more Jesus Christ has raised some Brilliant ones Lord Forgive me for i am saved Halalulua What’s Up Debbie J YIKES

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