MARIPOSA BURNING – The Jerry Cox Story

Mariposa County District Attorney Thomas K. Cooke under fire for his actions against an innocent man.


MARIPOSA, CA – 46-year-old Jerry Cox is not much for superstition, in fact he comes across as the matter-of-fact kind who probably doesn’t pay much attention to the myths related to Friday the 13th. But looking back on that November afternoon in 2015 he may have a different take on Friday

Jerry Cox speaks with Merced Gateway News about the fabricated accusations against him.

the 13th.

Residents in the Merced and Mariposa county areas may remember the case regarding a Mariposa man who allegedly kidnapped, raped and held a woman against her will after meeting her on the dating website The Mariposa County District Attorney, Thomas K. Cooke, accused Cox, the owner and operator of the Bison Ranch located at 6071 CYA Camp Road in Mariposa County, of 15 felony charges, which carried three life sentences in prison if he were convicted on all counts. Mr. Cox spent over a month in jail before coming up with a $500,000 bond.

CHP Officer Brian Casey on the right.

The case revolved around a woman named Ashley Harris and a county local named Darlene Windham who allegedly, after both were asked to leave the ranch by Cox in the late morning on November 13, 2015, went to a local bar where they drank three beers before going to the CHP office on Highway 49 North in Mariposa. Once there Ashley relayed to the CHP Officer Brian Casey that she had been raped and held captive by Cox whom she stated she recently met on, a dating website for farmers. Ashley also stated that she lived outside the county and was invited to the ranch by Cox and had only known him a few days.

But Officer Casey, a state employee, knew something was just not adding up. Not only did the woman have what appeared to be makeup above her left eye and was made to look like a bruise, but when asked if she’d been drinking to which she replied, “no,” Darlene, who was nearby and overheard her answer, corrected Ashley’s statement to

Ashley K. Harris posing with a German shepherd. Unknown if it is hers. The photo is from her Linkedin Page, which lists her as working with animals.

Officer Casey. As she was questioned further Officer Casey began to suspect Harris’s statements might not be truthful. Officer Casey then asked to look at her cell phone, which Harris complied, and after reading her text message communications between Cox and herself, Officer Casey’s investigation quickly revealed that the victim may not have been a victim at all. But a heart broken lover who was a bit intoxicated, angry and bent on revenge.

There was no mention of her kidnapping or rape, but many text messages asking when Cox expected to return home during the times she was allegedly being raped and or held captive. She also wrote that she wanted Cox to come back to the ranch and that she missed him.

Since the allegations had occurred in the county of Mariposa and not on state property, the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office had been called by the CHP to which Mariposa County Sheriff’s Deputy Atkinson was dispatched and arrived at the CHP location at 3:45 pm. Officer Casey debriefed Deputy Atkinson upon his arrival then escorted Deputy Atkinson and the alleged victim, Ashley Harris, to a private “beak room,” where Harris stated that on the evening of Wednesday, November 11th, 2015, Cox had forcibly raped her at his home and had held her captive since she’d escaped that afternoon, Friday the thirteenth.

Deputy Atkinson on the right accepting a check for the Sheriff’s non-profit group.

Deputy Atkinson described Ashley as being “visibly emotional with noticeably shaking hands.” Deputy Atkinson then decides that the interview should continue in a more controlled location due to confidentiality reasons and asks Harris if she would leave from the CHP Office and follow him to the Sheriff’s Office to which Harris said she would. It is unknown if the Deputy had been informed by CHP Officer Casey during his debrief that Harris had admitted to drinking at least three beers with her friend Darlene just prior to arriving at the CHP Office. Or why he would allow an alleged victim of forced rape to go anywhere else but to the hospital first before going to a Sheriff’s Office where they take rapists.

Once they arrive at the Sheriff’s Office, Ashley is then escorted to an interview room where Detective Wesley Smith interviewed her in the presence of a victim’s advocate and Deputy Atkinson. Harris was also asked if she would feel more comfortable detailing the rape to a female Deputy, which Harris declined. Smith had been with the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Officer since 2009 and had investigated many types of crimes including sex crimes.


Harris, who was know on the dating website as “Farmgirl061985”, stated that she met Cox , who was known as “Bronxious”, on the

Porch view from one of the many buildings visitors to Bison Creek Ranch could experience.

website approximately 3 weeks earlier and after sometime of texting, emails and phone calls, they made arrangements to have Harris visit Cox’s ranch. She went on detail how she drank two beers and went to bed in the room provided for her. After sometime she alleged Cox entered her room, grabbed her by her throat with one hand and old her to “shut the fuck up”, even allegedly placing a pillow over her face and slapping her repeatedly before violently raping her.

On November 13, 2015, Cox, thrown in jail on a $500,000 bond and accused of 15 felonies. His name and mug shot were plastered all over the media who were hungry for a story about a crazy white farmer building a cave and kidnapping women to rape them repeatedly.

“We caught the cops acting in bad faith withholding and destroying exculpatory evidence,” Jerry said in a phone interview with me last week. “This entire nightmare has destroyed my livelihood and my name. I’ve been getting death threats ever since this fake rape case began two years ago. I’ve lost everything.”

Everything to Cox, who has an MBA in Business and decided to start his first enterprise in Mariposa County where he purchased 200 acre’s of land and named it “Bison Creek Ranch”, means his land, personal and business property as well as his animals.

But as crazy as that sounds, the fact that in Mariposa someone accused of committing a crime without any proof can be locked up and their business shutdown should send shockwaves throughout America. That is completely counter to our justice system and yet in Mariposa County, CA, like Merced County, CA there is no longer a functioning justice system, but a cancer of corruption. One that is well documented yet no one seems to care.


In Mariposa County, CA corruption is just a way of life as documented by the ABC 20/20 episode, which aired in 1990. It told of drugs being flown into the Mariposa Airport under the supervision of the Mariposa County Sheriff Paul Paige and three deputies who put their very own lives on the line for Mariposa County and the State of California only to find themselves betrayed and one of them murdered.

Deputy Van Meter was assigned to the California State Abatement Program and during his investigations with local informants learned that the drugs were actually coming from his own department. Deputy Van Meter is said to have photographed and kept a journal documenting drug activity by Mariposa County Sheriff’s Deputies at Lake McClure. The evidence included harvesting and eradicating marijuana fields in Yosemite National Park and nearby counties as well as evidence of planes flying into the Mariposa Airport unloading packing of cocaine, meth and marijuana and were being stored in abandoned cars and towed out of town by a local wrecker under contract with the sheriff’s department. It was also being distributed at a hidden cove at Lake McClure.

Deputy Van Meter took that evidence directly to the California Attorney General’s Office and upon returning home received a phone call from Sheriff Paige who was said to be livid. The California Attorney General’s Office had called Sheriff Paige and told him what Deputy Van Meter had done and so the deputy knew he had only one opportunity, one chance to correct the scales of justice which were heavily tilting toward massive corruption. He went to Deputy Rod Sinclaire’s boathouse on Lake McClure to arrest them all himself. He knew he would have the people of Mariposa, the State of California and the people of our great nation stand with blind justice.

Instead, Mariposa County Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Van Meter never returned home that night to his wife. His torso was found at the bottom of Lake McClure in September 1990, over 10 years after he disappeared. No one cared that Van Meter took photographic evidence of the massive grow operations in the hills of Mariposa or the cocaine, meth and prescription narcotics being flown in and out of the Mariposa Airport. Not even the Attorney General at the time cared about a law enforcement officer doing the right thing. Instead California Attorney General conspired with the Mariposa County Sheriff at the time called the Mariposa County Sheriff to tell him what one of his deputies had done and left it up to the local Sheriff in Mariposa to deal with.

Their investigation led them straight to the doorstep of MCA Corporation (Music Corporation of America), parent company to Curry Company, the largest concessionaire in Yosemite National Park. A major drug network had surfaced in the park, compelling one park ranger, Paul Berkowitz, to go before the House Interior Subcommittee on National Parks and Recreation to testify about drug distribution by Curry Company officials.

Sgt. Sinclaire, a heavy narcotics user and one of several Mariposa County Deputies at the time known for drug dealing and their own personal use, would eventually find himself with automatic weapons, explosives, and three dead secret service agents on March 5, 1983. Their names were George P. LaBarge, 41, Donald Robinson, 38, and Donald A. Bejcek, 29. But did or does anyone care?

Mariposa County Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Van Meter’s torso was found at the bottom of Lake McClure in September 1990, over 10 years after he disappeared. No one cared that Van Meter took photographic evidence of the massive grow operations in the hills of Mariposa or the cocaine, meth and prescription narcotics being flown in and out of the Mariposa Airport. Not even the Attorney General at the time cared about a law enforcement officer doing the right thing. Instead California Attorney General conspired with the Mariposa County Sheriff at the time called the Mariposa County Sheriff to tell him what one of his deputies had done and left it up to the local Sheriff in Mariposa to deal with.

And so Van Meter was murdered showing the residents of Mariposa that they better keep quiet about what they see, hear and smell. Otherwise they could end up like Van Meter.

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  1. Wow! Amazing stuff!

  2. Dennis Raymond | July 31, 2018 at 12:48 pm | Reply

    I was involved in the COX Case and the authorities were informed and warned that Harris was lying and they saw the evidence of it. They did nothing except attack, bully and harrass me and my investigative team. The worst I had ever seen in my 45 years experience. They conspired to build a case against Cox no matter what the cost to the Justice System. Cox lost everything, they got a raise…go figure. The people of Maripoas County are the “oversight” and the “accountability” body of their enviroment. The people of Mariposa should demand better. Corrupt cops, corrupt DA’s, lazy Judges and allowing citizens…a bad combination for any American community. Been going on since the 1980’s. Vote them out or learn to love it! Defend thy Self – Defend Thy Law.

  3. This is unbelievable!!

  4. This is so unbelievable, Cox better get his land back and more with all he has been put through. With what Long did was wrong too he should step down!!

  5. I wont allow some douche bag bully cops push me around if I disappear after posting this about them being douche bags then you know who did it.

  6. Not a single thing has changed here since the 80s accept the players perhaps. The runway lights still go out, plane lands in the pitch black, deputies drive out and I am sure tell the pilot to not land in the dark. Plane takes off, lights come on. All are to scared to say or do anything, because who is going to listen or care anyways. Lol. God bless America.
    I have been harassed to no end by the sheriff’s here. I wish the system was not so corrupt. It sucks to think how many Americans fought to protect the very rights the system fights so hard to keep us from having. It is all a business, nothing more. A setup for failure to keep everyone under their thumbs. Lmfao!!!

  7. michael b sieverson | September 4, 2019 at 5:50 pm | Reply

    this kind of operation has been going on for a very long time==there is no stopping it==there is no getting along with them==the only reason we are all not beeing attacked is because the 2nd amend. it is us and them and it is now

  8. Eye-opener. I feel bad about the fake rape. But let’s take a look at “losing his land”, the land he bought from the Indians? or from the invaders who actually stole the land from the natives? Any smart person will not buy stolen property… because it may take long but someday it will still backfire. That goes for the white scums owning most of the land in South Africa.
    Moral of the story: You cannot own any land in this country. Stay away from stolen property. Government land grab is a silent epidemic, people have been killed for it. If the government wants something, just let em have it

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